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Vanabai Mankoji Dhone Samajik Trust, Pune

Registration No: A-135
Address: Aalandi Devaachi, Tal. Khed, Pune
President: Mr. Ramprasad Gite
Phone Number: N/A

Other Members:
Mr. Chandrakant Gite(Patil)
Mr. Shriram Khandekar
Mr. Somnath Dhangekar
Mr. Nivrutti Narale

Serving food to devotees at Alandi, the divine place.
They have a "Dharmashala" which is for accomodation of Devotees coming to 'Alandi' for their pilgrimage.
Help needful patients for medication.
Helping Economically weak bright students.
Provide financial as well as volunteer assistance for social activities.

Please note the work area of above organization includes but is not limited to the above mentioned functions. You can get detailed information about this organization from their members. If you know anything more, than above mentioned information about this organization, then please send this information to info@lonari.org