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Interview Tips

Dear Friends,

There are many things that we should do when we are preparing for our Interviews, but I would like to start with what we should try not to do when we are facing the interviews.

I m sure these tips will help you in your next interview.

Do share your experiences with us.

For Team Lonari.Com
Nitin Babulal Daangal

What should you NEVER do during an interview?

Never yawn. It is an absolute insult to your audience (regardless of a seemingly legitimate excuse). If you do slip and yawn. Apologize immediately.
Never look at your watch during the interview. If you have a bad habit of doing this, take it off before you go into the interview.
Never give "fishhand". Weak handshakes don't go over well with anyone! At the same time, don't overcompensate with a "bone crusher".
Never avoid eye contact. This is a huge turn off. And if multiple people are in the room, rotate equally to look at everyone when you speak so as not to be dismissive to anyone.
Never slouch, fidget or cross your arms. These are very bad non-verbal cues. Some people struggle with what to do with their hands. Consider bringing a notebook. That way, you can hold the pen and take notes to keep your hands busy.
Never take risks with what you wear. Even if someone tells you it's a very casual workplace, that doesn't mean you can bust out your favorite Metallica t-shirt and keep your nose ring in. During the interview process, you don't want to stand out for the wrong reasons. This isn't a time to take risks. Men are always better off going with a dark suit and women with proper business attire.
Never forget to clean up. For god sake, I can't believe I have to say this, but you should be perfect in your physical presentation (clean, neat, ironed clothes, good hygiene, moderate accessories and no perfume/cologne).
Never "go down that road". Always steer clear of topics about sex, ethnicity, religion or politics even if the manager initiates these topics. It's best to stay neutral and change topics.
Never be late or too early. Plan to be there about 5-10 minutes early. Account for not only the directions, but also traffic and parking arrangements so that you plan your arrival appropriately. Also don't go in any earlier than this.
Never smoke a cigarette just before an interview. It smells and, let's face it, you never know if that manager has a "thing" about people that smoke.
Never chew gum during the interview. Its disrespectful and says. "I don't care what you think, I'm just going to do what is comfortable to me"
Never dis ANYONE you encounter at that company. Be polite to everyone: security staff, people in the elevator, the receptionist and especially Human Resources!! Word travels fast when people act rudely.
Never leave your cell phone on. Make sure that you turn off your cell. You are likely one of the many who has a ridiculous or annoying ring tone and if it goes off, this will be a disruption.
Never mispronounce people's names. If you don't know the proper pronunciation, DON'T guess! Call the company and find out. Also, don't call anyone Mr or Ms. Use their first name.
Never complain about anything, PERIOD.
Never forget your business cards and make sure you ask for every person's business card that you meet with in the interview. It shows that you took them seriously and gives you valuable follow up contact information for a thank you letter.